10 Interface Rockstars You Should Know About

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We figure it’s pretty important to start out by recognizing some people who are making the world of interface design, conception, and execution a better place for you and me. These guys are some of the superstars, the ones who would be in history books (that is, if history focused on interfaces). These are the guys who render interface fanatics like you and me star-struck. You get the idea.

lourosenfeldLou Rosenfeld

With over twenty years of experience, Lou is not only an expert, but a pioneer in information architecture. He has a very long list of publications, and another long list of media appearances. Lou’s latest contribution to the academia of user experience is his Site Search Analytics Workshop, in which Lou shows you how to use your site’s search engine logs and other information to increase the quality of your site UX. He travels with usability expert Steven Krug. Lou’s Twitter

mikealsupMike Alsup

If you’ve been around online interface design for long, you’ve probably heard of jQuery. (If you haven’t, make sure you take a look!) You probably also have heard of the several plugins that exist for jQuery that make developing side much faster. Mike Alsup has secured his position as a rockstar by developing the AJAX-ready jQuery Form plugin, which allows users to submit forms and receive immediate feedback without ever leaving or reloading the current page. This concept has been used all over the web, and more often than not, Mike’s plugin is the muscle behind the scene. Mike has also developed many other fantastic jQuery plugins, including an automatic corner rounding plugin. Mike’s Twitter

stevenkrugSteven Krug

Steve is a web usability expert, consultant, and author of web usability books Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy. Steve has over twenty years of experience and has worked for clients like Apple, Bloomberg.com, and Lexus.com (and plenty more). Steve tours with Lou Rosenfeld teaching usability workshops related to his newest book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, which is slated to come out by the end of the year. Steve’s Twitter

andrewmaierAndrew Maier

At FuelYourInterface, we like to get our hands on everything we can that has to do with interfaces. Andrew Maier is the seasoned founder of UXBooth.com, where Maier and other authors review user-submitted websites and rate them 1 to 5 for their user experience. Each author provides a thorough response. The reviews are then posted at UXBooth.com in both a digested form and a full response form. UXBooth is a great place to learn about usability in the “real world.” Andrew has worked for the web departments at IBM and UPS, and spent a summer teaching Georgia high school students web standards. He is also currently working for Hashrocket as the Interaction Designer. Andrew’s Twitter

dougjpgDoug Neiner

In addition to being CTO of Fuel Brand Inc. and Chief Editor of FuelYourCoding, Doug is the Owner and Creative Director of Pixel Graphic Design Studio, located in New England. Pixel Graphic Design Studio has been around since 2005, and consistently produces fantastic products in all areas of design. Doug has made the status of rockstar for his extensive knowledge of jQuery, Ruby, and Wordpress. These are tools for great UI development! Check out FuelYourCoding for great tips and inspiration! Doug’s Twitter

filamentgroupFilament Group

Filament Group is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Filament Group is made up of four web and application development and design gurus who are dedicated to making engaging interfaces for applications, mobile devices, and touchscreen kiosks. Filament Group is responsible for much of the design and functionality ofjQuery UI, a powerful way to create low-level effect and interaction API’s and full-featured widgets by utilizing the popular JavaScript library jQuery. Something else to like about Filament? They post a ton of open-source information to help other designers and developers make their interfaces top-notch! Head over to the Filament Group Lab to check out a few of their articles. Filament Group on Twitter

scottjehlScott Jehl

Scott is a designer and developer based in Boston. He is a part of Filament Group and the jQuery UI team, and creator of WriteMaps, a place to create, edit, and share sitemaps online. He also speaks and writes about web design. Scott’s personal design portfolio and work with Filament Group have earned him the status of Rockstar. Scott’s Twitter

zachkleinZach Klein

One of the web’s most popular services, Vimeo, is also home one of the web’s most beautiful interfaces. This is thanks to front-end designer Zach Klein. Zach also is one of the founders of CollegeHumor.com. Check out Zach’s interview with FYI! | Zach’s Twitter

joshpylesJosh Pyles

Josh knows what he does best. He’s not afraid to tell you that he doesn’t do development, or backend and CMS integration. But what Josh does, he does well! Owner and sole employee of Pixelmatrix Design, Josh builds beautiful designs and focuses on making the usability of web applications flawless. Pixelmatrix also is responsible for UI Candy, a place to get some really hot icons! Josh is a rockstar for doing what he does best, and doing it quite well! Josh’s Twitter

andrewwilkinsonAndrew Wilkinson at MetaLab

MetaLab’s home page doesn’t waste any time letting you know what they do. The huge header “We make interfaces” doesn’t take very long to understand. MetaLab does it all – rich web, iPhone, and desktop applications that are simply brilliant. Andrew is the founder and creative director for MetaLab, whose work speaks for itself. Take a look!|Andrew’s Twitter | MetaLab on Twitter

Well, that wraps it up for now!

Who else have you labeled as a Rockstar? We’d love to hear from you! Also, be sure to check back to see more featured professionals in the future!


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