WordPress Announces OpenSource Design

wordpress-icon-512The popular blog platform WordPress announced last Wednesday that it is reaching out to the Community to improve it’s UI.

According to Automatic’s email list-group, the basic framing, left nav, and other modular elements aren’t up for grabs, but the Settings, Site Admin from MU, and Media Uploader are looking at a UI facelift. Pages like Comments and Plugins in the Admin are also being looked at, but it seems as if the 2.7 redesign will stick with us for a while. There is also an irc channel created at #wordpress-ui on irc.freenode.net.

In the SlideShare below you will see that at slide 55, Jane talks about “More UI/UX Contributors”! If you’re a UI designer who has been using this awesome piece of OpenSource software, here’s your chance to contribute back to the community and to WP by helping out. You don’t need to actually help with the UI design, but you can participate in usability tests, or just lurk and learn in the list or irc.

WordPress icon courtesy of Factory Joe


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